I justed re-added filtering as a setting in Ekster. This allows for easy mentions from all feeds, because it will match all incoming items with a regexes and add the matching items. Blocking items also works (but it's channel only)
Ekster now supports actual Indieauth to the Microsub channels. It's now possible for example to connect with indiepaper.io and "archive" pages to a channel. But of course the possibilities are endless.
Perhaps it's possible with some kind of introspection to copy fields from a microformats.Data object to a normal struct, just like how "encoding/json" works. You could create your own structs and copy those fields from the MF2 into your own data model.
Using time.Time will by default not result in a nice serialization in Redis. Now I use unix time as int64, which is much easier to work with.
I did some updates on the WebSub part of my Microsub server Ekster. It now tries to subscribe to feeds and send resubscribes. Before it already received incoming posts.

I got indieweb.xyz working in Ekster. The microformats use h-feed, which were not supported yet. And the items don't have published dates. These items where skipped in Ekster, but I try to add the current date. I'm not sure yet how this will work, but for now I can see the items.

I just made a change to Ekster that allows it to receive Micropub requests from Indiepaper. In a way this already worked, but only with source_id and JF2 request bodies. This change allows the auth token to be in the Authorization header and JSON micropub requests.

I just started the data download request for Spotify, to see with I get back from there.
I made a start with the "books" page. That will gather the "read-of" posts into a snapshot of the current situation.
I just added some improvements to the code that fetches liked tweets and inserts photos and links into the tweet text.

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