Test with the verification step removed
It started raining after six days of nice sunny weather ☔
I just disabled destinations from my micropub endpoint, because Monocle won't show the "New Post" interface otherwise. But before I can select destinations, I will have to implmement the destination: the new wrimini blog. And perhaps I also need to implement the client side of destinations somewhere...
I now have the author cards in the notifications that I receive for webmentions. This makes more sense than having my own card everywhere.

New alpha release of Wrimini

I just released the latest version of Wrinini. There is not much changed in the front, except for the name field. It was added to make it easier to create issues on GitHub. It also helps to create articles more easily. The other change is that the app now authorizes with your default browser instead of the webview.

There were also a few bugfixes. If you share an url with text, which some apps do, Wrinini will now separate the text and url into their separate fields.

Thinking about creating project pages on my this website, where replies will be added as issues and replies to issues will be comments. Similar to how brid.gy supports Github.
WebSub is an amazing technology. If I write a post here it will appear seconds later in the stream of the indieweb reader.
The author of the notification should be the author of the source of the webmention.
The new blog has come a long way, since it's humble beginning. A complete new backend, micropub and scraping of the posts I reply to.
My archive page shows that writing on the new blog is much easier than writing on the old blog. Now I write almost every day.

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