I just added some support for posting to indieweb.xyz. I added it the syndication targets and made sure that the webmention backend sends a mention when it's used. And now I have posted a few things.
I was thinking about getting a hottub. What is the best one to get?

This was also posted to /en/hottubs.

I created the release of Ekster with binaries on Github. https://github.com/pstuifzand/ekster/releases/tag/0.3.0
I really like the oldest-first ordering of posts of Ekster (my microsub server), but it means that when you have read everything, that I doesn't show the old posts anymore. It always starts with showing the oldest unread post. I would like to have a way to show the older posts. This could be done with "before" in timelines, but it doesn't seem to be implemented in Monocle for example.
I need to describe what the structure of the Redis data is for Ekster. Perhaps I can make it so it will show the latest unread posts and only the other posts in before.
Yesterday I found out that Microsub and JF2 support a refs object inside the entry which allows you to map urls to other entries. That way you can add a sub entry for the like in the main entry. It will add some context to the quoted tweets.
Another item that should be on my to do list: Improve "read" posts and the books channel.

Next actions

  • Use https://p83.nl/ as my main domain
  • Improve location tracking, so it doesn't lose points when not online
  • Create a Microsub client that allows to add/remove feeds
  • Cleanup and refactor my weblog software
  • Improve stability and accuracy of microformats parser and use in webmention

The newest addition to my website is the /all page. It combines all the entries on the same 'channel'.

It was implemented with the SUNIONSTORE Redis command, which combines all channels into one "all" channel.

Adding feeds from an OPML file to a Microsub server with xmlstarlet and Ekster (ek)

xmlstarlet sel -t -v "//outline/@xmlUrl" hotlist.opml  | xargs -n 1 ek follow mtjTXQELiT60Wtm5ArVcLo5G

The first part parses the xmlUrls from the OPML file. This won't work if you have feeds seperated in Channels, but it will work with the list from http://feedbase.io, because all feeds are on the first level.

xmlstarlet sel -t -v "//outline/@xmlUrl" hotlist.opml

Then the next part pipes all url to microsub command line client one at a time.

| xargs -n 1

And the command line client will add the feeds to the microsub server on the channel with id mtjTXQELiT60Wtm5ArVcLo5G. You should use the id of your own channel.

ek follow mtjTXQELiT60Wtm5ArVcLo5G

Other steps are

Connection to your microsub server - Connect with URL = your homepage url.

ek connect URL

Go to the url it shows and allow the connection it will save a token and the endpoints in ~/.config/microsub.

Then create or find the channel where you want to add the urls.

ek channels   # to find the channels, it will lists the available channels


ek channels NAME   # to create a channel with NAME.

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