I just implemented part of the Feedbin API in my Microsub server. It seems that in the future it will be quite easy to add all kinds of backends and maybe even set them per channel or similar.

Add simple start of feedbin API proxy

I do need a micropub projects/todolist app, where I can reply to a project and add todo items.
An example of a service like this is feedbase.io. You upload your own OPML and you can subscribe to other peoples feeds and OPML.
There are many parts to the microsub spec. My server implements follow and preview. But Monocle doesn't, and Together does. Perhaps there is a place for external tools that help with following and add feeds to your microsub reader.
I just added the Twitter reply context to likes. Will work for replies as well. Next step: improve html version of the tweets.
Test with new client_id.
It works. I also needed to add matching with HTML content.
I added a filter to the microsub-server that posts an entry to the feed, when my name is mentioned. Let's try this: Peter.
It started raining after six days of nice sunny weather ☔
I just disabled destinations from my micropub endpoint, because Monocle won't show the "New Post" interface otherwise. But before I can select destinations, I will have to implmement the destination: the new wrimini blog. And perhaps I also need to implement the client side of destinations somewhere...

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