Forest Documentation & TutorialsA forest is a hierarchical, node-based data structure. This document serves to cover the high-level concepts of a forest, adobe::forest<T> implementation details, as well as examples of frequent patterns.

Parsing: a timeline Version 3.0Parsing: a timeline
Version 3.0
29 April 2018
Jeffrey Kegler

Parsing JSON is a MinefieldJSON is the de facto standard when it comes to (un)serialising and exchanging data in web and mobile programming. But how well do you really know JSON? We'll read the specifications and write test cases together. We'll test common JSON libraries against our test cases. I'll show that JSON is not the easy, idealised format as many do believe. Indeed, I did not find two libraries that exhibit the very same behaviour. Moreover, I found that edge cases and maliciously crafted payloads can cause bugs, crashes and denial of services, mainly because JSON libraries rely on specifications that have evolved over time and that left many details loosely specified or not specified at all.

Theory of Multiple IntelligencesFound: system design heuristics, weinberg

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